Internal Investigations and Crisis Management

Internal Investigations

Fraud or other wrongdoing can occur in many different ways in all types of businesses and governmental entities. From complex accounting misrepresentations at large companies such as Enron and Worldcom to a local bookkeeper skimming money from a small business, fraud comes in all forms. 

Although your company may have its own in-house counsel, there are advantages in hiring outside counsel to conduct the investigation. Brandi Hinton and Sloan Ellis have spent years working on investigations into various types of fraud and other criminal activity. In addition to formerly prosecuting and now defending fraud cases, Ellis Hinton stands ready to work with your executive team to conduct discrete and comprehensive internal investigations to assess liability and recommend a course of action to management.

If you suspect fraud may be occurring or has occurred at your business it is important to investigate and take action as soon as possible. State and Federal law enforcement agencies can pursue criminal penalties against businesses whose employees violate the law. In some cases, self-reporting fraud such as Medicare or Medicaid fraud can result in substantially less punitive action from regulatory bodies than would otherwise occur if the fraud was reported to the Government by a different means.

If you suspect fraud may be occurring at your company, it is important to contact a lawyer that can help investigate as soon as possible.

Crisis Management

Our lawyers have experience representing many high-profile individuals and businesses. Oftentimes when tragic events occur or there are allegations of wrongdoing against a high-profile client, there is intense and immediate scrutiny from the media, regulatory agencies and the public at large. Ellis Hinton is experienced in handling not only the matter at hand, but also developing a strategy to navigate the challenging landscape that high-profile clients can face. Ellis Hinton has contacts with leading crisis management firms and has worked hand-in-hand with some of the best people in the business to achieve positive outcomes for their clients.