Complex Civil Litigation

High Stakes Business Litigation

At our core, we are trial lawyers. In that regard, the subject matter of any particular case can change, but our ability to distill complex issues down to simple themes and bring a jury to our side of the issue is what we do best. Having won dozens of jury trials in federal and state courts, we know how to make the case to a jury.

Many businesses have very capable outside or inside lawyers who are excellent advocates for their clients. However, when the best efforts of those lawyers cannot resolve a case before trial, it may be time to bring in a team of accomplished litigators to take the case to trial and win. Sloan Ellis and Brandi Hinton can work with your existing legal team to formulate a winning trial strategy and get the job done. In addition to their own experience, Sloan and Brandi have access to some of the best jury consultants in the country who can provide invaluable assistance to the trial team in achieving the best possible results in high stakes corporate litigation.

Civil Investigative Demands

A civil investigative demand, or CID, is a tool the Government uses to obtain documents pertinent to an investigation. Various federal statutes such as the False Claims Act, the Dodd Frank Act and RICO give the Government the ability to demand documents from individuals or businesses before a civil lawsuit is filed. 

If you or your company receives a civil investigative demand, it is a signal that you or your company is in the crosshairs of a federal civil investigation. When that happens, you need to retain experienced counsel as soon as possible to help you respond to the civil investigative demand and formulate a strategy on how to move forward defending your interests in the best way possible.

The lawyers at Ellis Hinton have experience representing clients in responding to civil investigative demands and obtaining positive outcomes for those clients.

Catastrophic Personal Injury

As experienced trial lawyers with years of federal and state courtroom experience, Sloan Ellis and Brandi Hinton often get calls to represent clients who have been injured through the negligent or intentional actions of another person. We have represented numerous clients injured in car or truck accidents and workers compensation matters and recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for them. In one case alone, involving a tractor trailer accident on Interstate 85, the clients recovered over $1,200,000 for their injuries. That settlement was even before a lawsuit had to be filed.

Insurance companies and the lawyers they hire know when the lawyers on the other side of the case are serious litigators with strong reputations. If you or a loved one is injured in a car or truck accident and are ready to hire two former federal prosecutors to fight for you, call us. We don’t advertise on TV and we don’t have a catchy jingle, we simply get results.

Sexual Harassment/Assault

At Ellis Hinton our civil litigation practice also includes representing victims of sexual assault and harassment. Brandi Hinton was one of the lead sex crimes prosecutors in Greenville and Pickens Counties. She has prosecuted dozens of sexual assault cases. Now, she uses that experience to represent victims of sexual assault in cases against both the sexual preditors and the companies who employ them.

Our lawyers have represented victims in cases against governmental entities and large corporations who hired sexual predators who tried to take advantage of vulnerable people. We are able to leverage our courtroom experience as former federal prosecutors to achieve positive results for our clients, even after a devastating experience like being a victim of sexual assault.

Dram Shop Cases

When a drunk driver hurts someone in an accident and the investigation reveals that the driver was served alcohol from a bar or restaurant, the bar or restaurant can be held responsible for the injuries caused by the overserved driver. State law requires bars and restaurants to carry insurance policies to cover such accidents. 

If you or a loved one is hurt by a drunk driver, Sloan Ellis and Brandi Hinton may be able to help. They are familiar with the complex law surrounding dram shop cases and are not afraid to take on big businesses or insurance companies to help make our clients whole.